Dear Congress, President and Other Legislators: 10 Ways To Stop Gun Violence

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

There are many ways that would help reduce the gun violence in this country. Here are 10 that we can think of:

1. Ban gun shows - they are unregulated, they don't have waiting periods, they mostly sell assualt rifles, allow straw purchases and sell 50 caliber weapons. In addition, they are major trafficking channel (according to the ATFB). The guns for Columbine, Orland, 101 California and the 2010 Pentagon shooting all purchased at gun shows.

2. Ban .50 caliber weapons. There is no logical reason for these weapons to exist outside of the military.

3. Make the capacity of any and all guns be no more than 6 rounds at a time. Without the capacity, you slow down any mass shootings. Magazines that are only 6 rounds would avoid the number of people killed, and allow time to escape or take down a killer. There is no logical reason a normal citizen needs hundreds of rounds for anything.

4. Increase the price of ammunition by at least ten fold. We cannot ban guns or get rid of them at this point, but we can make it much more difficult to use them for mass shootings and violence.

5. Require a nation-wide waiting period of 30 days. Right now, it's up to the state to regulate and many states do not have waiting periods. Florida's is only 3 days.

6. If you've ever been interviewed by the FBI because you were suspected of terrorist ties or you are friends with a known terrorist, or are a known terrorist sympathizer, deny gun purchases. Allow a person to clear their name later through other channels.

7. Ban all assault rifles / High-Capacity guns. There is no reason outside of the military or special police agencies to posess these guns.

8. Guns are NOT a sport. It's time to make it clear, with laws, that guns are only for certain purposes, and "fun" is not one of them.

9. Ban concealed carry for regular citizens (non-police, non-military, non-security).

10. Get rid of lobbying in this country, so organizations like the NRA cannot have as much power as they do.